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reviews all Alfa Romeo models

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1 reviews all Alfa Romeo models on Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:45 pm


Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo has a reputation for making stylish cars which are great to drive. The Italian firm celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010, and Alfa's current range comprises the Alfa Romeo MiTosupermini, Volkswagen Golf-rivalling Alfa Romeo Giulietta and super fast Alfa Romeo 4C.

Alfa Romeo models

  • [size=32]Alfa Romeo MiTo[/size]

    The Alfa Romeo MiTo is a stylish, upmarket small car that is a direct competitor to the MINI. The Alfa Romeo MiTo is cheaper than the MINI, has more rear space and a bigger boot, but isn’t as good to drive. The range comprises six engines and four trims, and has a choice between very economical diesel and petrol models. The Alfa Romeo MiTo is only available as a three-door hatchback.

    Alfa Romeo MiTo hatchback

    3 Doors
    £12,960 - £20,500

     2.6 / 5
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  • [size=32]Alfa Romeo Giulietta[/size]

    The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is Alfa Romeo's rival to the Volkswagen Golf. It comes as a five-door only, and features typically attractive Alfa Romeo styling. All six of the engines in the range offer a decent mix of economy and performance, but the driving experience doesn’t quite match up to the Volkswagen Golf. The interior is classy, albeit with limited rear-seat space, and all cars come with plenty of standard equipment, such as air-conditioning and electric windows. 

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback

    5 Doors
    £18,450 - £28,485

     3.2 / 5
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  • [size=32]Alfa Romeo 4C[/size]

    The Alfa Romeo 4C is a sports car that offers similar performance to a Porsche 911 for around half the price. It's stylish, lightweight, extremely fast and huge fun. But its low price tag comes with compromises. The interior quality is obviously one area where Alfa Romeo cut costs, as it's no where near as good as some rivals like the Porsche Boxster. And the Alfa Romeo 4C also suffers from an overly firm ride and the lack of a manual gearbox. But you won't find a more exciting car for this kind of money.

    Alfa Romeo 4C coupe

    2 Doors

     3 / 5
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  • Alfa Romeo 4C Spider convertible

    2 Doors
    £59,505 - £67,505

     2.8 / 5
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  • [size=32]Alfa Romeo Giulia[/size]

    The Alfa Romeo Giulia is an executive saloon that offers a greater sense of style and flair than many of its rivals. It's practical too, with a big boot, plenty of rear legroom and diesel engines that should be cheap to run. The rear-wheel-drive Giulia has a driving experience to match its looks, while the 503bhp Quadrifoglio model offers BMW M3 levels of performance.

    Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon

    4 Doors

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