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The step by step advice for well buy his vehicle

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The step by step advice for well buy his vehicle
Although buy, it does not just happen!
You must select the ad really choosing the vehicle you need (or you dream) and prepare purchase methodically. The few lines of tips can you be valuable. Check them before starting your efforts and do not hesitate to return. Great deal...

Prepare your purchase

Above all, attach a list of models that you would really like to acquire. The choice you offer The Central ® you will certainly find the vehicle you are looking for.
With the La Cote ® Central , you can even customize the odds of your vehicle, taking into account its mileage and its exact age.

Meet the Seller

It is imperative to test the vehicle. Turn around is not enough! So take an appointment at a specific point to avoid misunderstanding and please confirm the identity of the person you meet. But make this meeting a good time, and try the vehicle!
Choose the time: make an appointment day (including in winter). Twilight or at night will obscure some blemishes of the body or the vehicle.
Choose the location: drive yourself the vehicle for a few kilometers at least, varying coatings and paces (in town, on road and motorway). Test the brakes: the vehicle must keep its course. Spend all gears, including reverse.
And check imperatively:

    paint shades can be signs of recent work; the opening must operate without hard points (doors, power windows, central locking, ...); the mileage registered with the drain label on the oil pan, on the inside of door or on the operator's manual must be less than that of the meter; the presence of the spare wheel; even wear of the four tires.

    Equipment: seats, air conditioning - which produces very cold -, power windows, headlights, wipers, etc. 
    And accessories and special equipment: radio, extra seats, roof racks, baby seats, winter tires, etc. Print out the checklist visit . 

Some efforts and the sale will be even faster!

You decided to buy. So there are "papers" to remember.
Ask the gray card and check:

  • the vehicle complies with the vehicle registration (including registration number)

  • the vehicle complies with the description of the ad.

Ask the minutes of technical control (vehicles more than four years), the service book and / or invoices. Check date and mileage replacement of the timing belt if it occurred.

Book the vehicle please

Vendors, including highly sought models will receive offers from other buyers. To avoid any escalation of the problem and see your opportunity escape, book ...

Administrative: do not forget the insurance!

And do not drive the vehicle you have purchased without being assured: the operation can be made by simple phone telephone to the insurer providing the elements of the vehicle registration, the nature of the use, location garage, the desired date the contract takes effect. The contract signing can take place afterwards.

Scams to Avoid

How to spot a crashed car? 
In fact, it is not easy! paint shades or "connections" in the joints are the signs of a painted piece. So a possible clue. There are, however, many cases of painted rooms without accident. Only solution, but heavy enough: ask technical expertise to a garage in which he will make an appointment.
How to recognize a stolen car? 
We must check that the car's serial number noted on the registration card is the same as the one on the engine. Bruises may indicate that false numbers were engraved. Game at the steering column can reveal the fracture of a Neiman (antitheft system at the steering column). Traces in the door or doors of new joints barrels may also be suspected

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