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Used Car: buy without being ripped off

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1 Used Car: buy without being ripped off on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:58 am


Used Car: buy without being ripped off

A successful transaction is based on trust. It is clear that some sellers are trying to deceive you from writing their ads.

Fool a particular buyer has never been easier since the rise of the Web. Our experts give you all the keys to thwart the common pitfalls ...

A successful transaction is based on trust. Yet it is clear that some sellers do not hesitate from writing their ad, trying to deceive you.Without falling into paranoia, stay on your guard. 

To allow you to buy without stress, we will unveil the means to handle seven of the most common scams. 

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[size=23]The announcement copied and pasted

The bargain is too blatant, but the announcement seems true. Check that it is not on other sites with different identities."Part. sells Volkswagen Golf TDI 105 lv. Carat Edition, June 2012, farm price: € 18,000 ". An announcement of many intended to attract attention. But behind, all is phony. 

The pictures and description were duplicated from another ad. The maneuver is to make you pay a deposit you will never see the color. 

The parade 
Never pour a penny until they saw the vehicle of your own eyes. The fact to find the same pictures in different ads you must put the chip in his ear. 

A cannon but suspect price

Stay on your guard when an ad appears too tempting price compared to the vehicle side.This is the deal of the century: a premium model well below the Argus Coast. To justify the seller claims a move abroad (especially in England), a divorce, a death ... 

He offers to pay u n deposit by Western Union or pay the carrier,which never deliver the car. Other pitfalls: the car was stolen or meter tampering. 

The parade 
An opportunity in good condition at 30 to 40% under the symbolshould arouse your suspicions. Sellers residing abroad, exchanges exclusively by email, an interim payment requests are reasons to flee! 

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Misleading description

Compare the ad with the offer of the manufacturer (engine, finishing, ...) before visiting the vehicle.The proliferation of versions for the same model has something confusing: a boon for the scammer.It can make you have a 2.0 HDi 140 for 163 hp. 

But it is even easier to go wrong on the provision of equipment (standard or optional) with impact to a biased rating. 

The parade 
If there is any doubt, check with a dealer through the entries listed on the registration card. Question equipment, compare the informationprovided by the seller with the manufacturer data. 

On the website of L'argus , it is also possible to know, free, finish, motorization and the date of first registration of a model. Simply enter the registration or the CNIT (old type Mines) the coveted vehicle. 

Finally, be sure to treasure a copy of the announcement; it may serve as evidence in court in case of dispute. 

[size=93]"Buyersdo not neglect

no details![size=93]"[/size]

The approximate historical

Lack of service book or invoices often denounces a neglected maintenance.The no-show by the seller of the book review, the absence of part or all of the invoices ... reflect a lack of rigor in monitoring maintenance. 

Worse, they cast doubt on the actual mileage of the proposed vehicle. 

The parade 
Few motorists know: whenever a car passes through a network workshop, all work is recorded in the computer systemmanufacturer. 
Ask a dealer to provide you with the vehicle history, which will enlighten you on this or that "omitted" by the seller. 

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The revised and corrected counter

A recent premium vehicle, displaying little kilometer and a very low price should instill caution more than desire.organized networks or solitary crooks import in France high-end cars (Mercedes, BMW, Audi), mainly from Germany, where "hack" is not illegal. 

After rejuvenated the counter at least 100 000 km, they resell these cars at competitive rates, thus satisfying customers' expectations too happy to offer a beautiful German at friendly prices. 

The parade 
Such vehicles offered in the market prices are shady deals. Insist the history of the car, especially if its origin is foreign. For those from Belgium, claim the Car-pass. Rely only on the general state of a car is not enough because the criminals are trying to hide the traces of aging. 

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The accident glossed

different color, rough welding, bad fit ... sometimes betray an accident ignored.Unlike professionals, individuals are not required to indicate whether the vehicle suffered a serious accident requiring passage at the plate to realign the chassis. 

Or the car may well have kept the legacy (lack of parallelism of the front axle, tire ...). 

The parade 
Whatever the nature of the shock, a difference of shade on a body part or an approximate adjustment can hide snags. Hence the importance of a careful visual examination. 

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The stolen car and makeup

Plate loose builder, chassis number badly hit ... should arouse suspicion.registration formalities, police checks, etc. may reveal that the opportunity is just acquired a stolen car. 

Surprise heavy consequences, both financial and criminal, but this scam is difficult to update both the gangs were broken in the making of false documents and makeup. 

The parade 
Various means can discover the pot to the roses. First, the papers must be in the name of the owner. Then, the non-guarantee certificate will indicate if the car was stolen (at least in France). Finally, the vehicle identification number must match the registration. 

Useful: When in doubt, a new website ( ) allows, via a search on the registration number or department, of a list of stolen cars advertisements posted by the victims. 

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Technical control: the conjuring trick

If the coveted vehicle was the subject of a visit to against-technical control , insist the initial report, which details all the possible defects. 

Indeed, some crafty simply provide the certificate of cons-visit; or it only reports problems solved and does not allow itself to register vehicle. 

If the seller prétexterait loss report of technical control, invite him to contact the center where he claims to have made ​​and from which it can obtain a duplicate. [/size][/size]

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